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Community Integration in Action: All Hands on Deck for an Alaskan Navy Veteran

An America’s Warrior Partnership (AWP) Network Advocate received a referral from the local community program, Alaska Warrior Partnership (AKWP), for a post-9/11 veteran living in the state of Alaska. The veteran, Jeff*, served in the Navy from 2003 to 2007, and is 100% service-connected disabled and unable to work due to his disability. Jeff’s spouse is his full-time caregiver. Together they have four minor children living in their home, with one of their children being disabled and needing caregiving support as well.

Jeff found himself in a financial crisis in November due to the unexpected passing of his mother-in-law and the resulting funeral expenses. This created a cash flow shortage for the family making it difficult to pay their monthly mortgage. Adding to the financial difficulty, their furnace abruptly stopped working in below freezing temperatures. Jeff’s wife reached out to AKWP, which, within a day, was able to connect the family with a local HVAC company who repaired the furnace free of charge for Jeff and his family. AKWP referred Jeff and his wife to The AWP Network for their other dire needs. The AWP Network was able to assist Jeff and his family by paying their outstanding mortgage through the help of a national partner.

The AKWP in collaboration with The AWP Network were able to mobilize a quick response, to best support Jeff and his family, because of their national and community relationships. AKWP will proactively provide Jeff and his family support well into the future. The AWP Network is ready to support AKWP by connecting them to national services when a resource does not exist or has been exhausted in Alaska.

*Jeff is an alias created to protect the identity of the individual.


With support from caring and passionate donors, America's Warrior Partnership (AWP) continues to lead the work to end veteran suicide. Please consider making a donation today to AWP. Your generous, tax-deductible contribution will connect local veteran-serving organizations with the appropriate resources, services, and partners that they need to support veterans, their families, and caregivers at every stage of veterans’ lives.

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