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Unity in Action: Veterans Helping Veterans in Alaska

For many individuals with a physical disability, household obstacles can seem impossible without assistance. The harsh winter had recently left challenges too daunting for one veteran to tackle alone. Yet, through the spirit of unity and support, a group of dedicated individuals came together to offer support, proving once again how vital a supportive community is in addressing the needs of our veterans.

Timothy Pope is a former Air Force SSgt (' 83-'90). Timothy contacted Alaska Warrior Partnership (AKWP) for assistance with a few downed trees and large limbs accumulated during the winter months. Despite his efforts to pile the trees, his leg prosthesis made it unsafe for him to use a chainsaw on the uneven ground. Recognizing the need for help, AKWP stepped in to connect Timothy with the local VFW Post 9365.


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Ryan Moe, the Post 9365 Commander, responded enthusiastically. After speaking with Timothy and discovering their shared background in security forces, Ryan organized a team of volunteers to assist over Memorial Day weekend. This common bond became a foundation for a strong connection. The volunteers worked together to cut up and haul away the fallen trees and limbs. The day was filled with hard work, plenty of laughs, and the kind of camaraderie that only those who have served can genuinely understand.

"Big thanks to the Wasilla VFW and Alaska Warrior Partnership!" - Timothy Pope, Air Force veteran

Timothy couldn't speak highly enough of the dedication and effort of the VFW volunteers. This story is a testament to the power of community, illustrating how collective support can address our veterans' physical tasks and social needs and ensure they understand how valued they are in our community.

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